STEP 1: Step into the Booth
STEP 2: Grab as many of the swirling vouchers as you can in 15sec.

STEP 3: Cash-in & Win!


Like a wind blowing around leaves, slips of paper (“paper currency”, prize-vouchers, certificates, etc. TBD) rise up and circulate in the air.  Grab as many as you can in the time limit (avg. 15-35 vouchers in 15 secs).  Then we count it up. 

OUR PORTABLE BOOTH is an attractive centerpiece that can be setup in any location. 
Unlike the OLD & HEAVY Hard-case style of booth which requires:

  • A team of movers
  • Heavy duty dollies 
  • A freight elevator 
  • No stairs 
  • A lot of maneuver room 
  • Extra time for setup

Our Lightweight VINYL-WALLED booth is:

  • Upscale & attractive with an aluminum metal finish all-around
  • Highly-portable and fits into any elevator
  • Easily-moved and put into place
  • Easy to step into
  • Easy for both participants & watchers to get a clear view on all sides


  • The Money Machine/Prize Vault, vouchers & all the equipment required
  • Delivered, setup & managed by our personable pro event assistant who also interacts-with & attracts participants to get in & win!  
  • The Full Value of our experience with recommendations on getting the best from the booth!
    We can also custom-create a voucher with the name of the event and/or your logo (custom quote)!  For corporate events, the piece can be customized to fit the marketing strategy.


Customized vouchers, LED Sign placed on top with a customized scrolling light-up message, Atmospheric Lighting to create a dramatic area and elevate the Look and many more options.

The EventGo2Guy will make recommendations based on:

  • The approx. number of attendees expected
  • Who gets to participate
  • What /How much can be won
  • Time allowed in the booth for each person: (average 15-20 sec.)
  • Number of bills / vouchers, and denominations / values
    Vouchers collected can serve to represent
    Opportunities to win non-cash prizes or Actual non-cash prize awards or Real cash value.

The Money Machine/Prize Machine! It’s A Blast !   Who’s getting it?

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