Workers Credit Union was having a dual celebration: The 100th Anniversary of its founding (1914) and the 10th year for their Annual Stars Night. For the 7th consecutive year, Craig Sutton was again brought in to create the evening for this 325 person dinner.  Stars Night is held annually to both presents awards recognizing the achievements of a select group of employees and to also recognize the work efforts of every single company employee.

Each year’s Annual Dinner is in a different venue and has a different theme.
In 2014 the elegance of The Harvard Club and the initiative?  Create a night that was
– Spectacular yet creative & fun
– Appealed to the majority of guests
– Conveyed management’s genuine appreciation for it’s employees
– And provided an opportunity for everyone to have fun together.

So with an evening already guaranteed to be amazing and to further demonstrate their commitment to their employees – who give all year long to its members-Workers Credit Union went a next step and added a “Give Back” Prize Budget giving employees to win prizes at games that night!!