• Creative evangelism with an explosion of creative ideas. Creative evangelism with an explosion of creative ideas.

    Creative evangelism with an explosion of creative ideas.

Creative evangelism with an explosion of creative ideas.


Creative Ideas explode

By my own admission, I’m my own worst critic. Thankfully, I have very few – and if I’m going to be one of them, at least I KNOW I have my best interests in mind.  It’s simply always been my ambition to be better, to want more, to design more creatively.  I’ve always been progressive.  My customers already know this about me.  Still from a brand point of view, I’m always marinating on wondering why – if I have such a creative imagination, can spin ideas like cotton candy and have a warehouse of entertaining concepts- why all of the Greater Boston and New England region, doesn’t know this or at least know they can tap into many of the ideas I already have rather than have to search.  I’m already in their backyard.  That’s not my ego talking, it’s how committed I am to being a creative, my confidence knowing what I do, and do well.  It’s my own internal restlessness.   If you believe in your product, service and most important Yourself – be an evangelist.  For me its being a #creative evangelist, engaging people with ideas.  I teach it and share it.  And yes, it’s a business, so I market and sell it.    While it sometimes would be nice to go viral – if I didn’t slow-cook my ideas over time, my customers wouldn’t get the creative depth I give them.  So with an incredible number of creative ideas built up and bursting to get out, it’s time for to explode onto the scene…… and I’ll buy the first drink! Please share …..

Best Kept Secret conundrum

2 girls Secret-WhisperingHumor me: Is being a “best kept secret a good thing ?   It depends.   If you’re a customer, you enjoy having a little inside knowledge and are careful to keep it to yourself.  If you’re the secret… well, that’s a different story. Oh the dilemma! 

To be clear: I don’t need to be the best known.  The Greater Boston area is small enough.  Nevertheless- from a business, branding and financial perspective -with incredible amount of money spent -and decades of dues paid- I don’t want to be the best-kept secret either 🙂

Because I understand, I feel bad for the restaurant owner who’s invested everything into their venture and their talent is a best kept secret.  What happens when that talent is wasted?

I’m doing fine.  But I’m excited about what I do!  I love making my customers look good! My imagination and spin on some standard ideas, innovative-thinking of others (i.e. ROBO Boston’s Man of The Future) has set me apart.  

I’m thankful my customers repeat, recommend and refer me.  
BUT I’m always going to be “progressively-impatient”!  The old adage, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”.  For me: “If my brand as The EventGo2Guy and my creative ideas are the best kept secret and not everyone knows, are they great ideas?  As I’ve said before-” My megaphone just isn’t big enough”.

Mission-wise: I build ideas with the purpose to entertain and/or engage, investing major time in the creative-thought and design process, not to mention what it costs for product and materials.  That investment in ideas plus my list of core commitments to customer care is where my value is.  

Before all the ad, digital marketing, seo etc. salespeople reading this – contact me.  I’m not sales-driven.  I’m relationship-driven.

My only request is this… Word of mouth marketing is the best… Your’s.  In the best interests of all small business owners and entrepreneurs – if you have a best kept secret, please share it.  .  You won’t lose their business because they get busy.  You’ll earn their appreciation and maybe even a little extra attention.  

With regard to me:  If you’re curious to know what I’m talking about, take a look and/or

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and thanks for reading ! 
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Entertainment will always power the party

One of my favorite memories many years ago – was performing for a “kids-only” party for a Bar Mitzvah boy in the rec room of a senior center next to Cityside Restaurant in the Cleveland Circle neighborhood of Brookline MA.  This could have turned into Mom-MeltDown but she was awesome and all turned out well.    Here’s the story:

Midway through, there was a power outage in the area blacking out the block.  Although the building’s emergency lights went on- there was no other source of power and with a room full of hyped-up, candy and sugar-fueled teens in a sound-less room. This celebration could be turning cold.  Mom was getting a little nervous …and when responsible for a lot of kids not your own… She was more like, very nervous!  

Thinking fast and trying to figure out a Plan B, fortunately the rec-room was street-level and connected to the back parking lot.  Somehow I was able to squeeze my car in-between 2 yellow steel barriers and right up to the exit door of the room, leave the car running, connect an iPod and blast the stereo.  Let’s just say, the mom was relieved.  And the power in Brookline eventually went back on.